Canadian Blackjack Movies

Canadian blackjack movies provide a unique viewing experience for their audience, as they combine gambling with cinema. Casino gamblers and movie lovers often find their special blend interesting to watch. The story line of these movies is usually very exciting. There are a sizable number of movies about gambling and some of them are about blackjack. The Canadian blackjack movies we recommend are true masterpieces that we believe you will enjoy and learn from. We have reviewed our favorite picks below.

The Last Casino

The Last Casino is a beautiful and emotional blackjack movie that players would love. The movie tells the story of a professor who after he was banned from casinos rounds up three of his students and teaches them to card count. The four make a lot of money from their venture which the professor uses to solve his financial problems. The movie, which closely references the MIT Blackjack Team, proves to be eye-opening and educational. The MIT Blackjack Team was a real-life group of five students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who were coached by Bill Kaplan (an ardent gambler) to play and win at blackjack. Kaplan had hope of developing a mathematical model that will help him win every blackjack game and even suspended his admission to Harvard University in pursuit of this quest. The Last Casino grants audiences an insight into Kaplan’s mind, as well as reveals information about blackjack strategies you may have not known.

Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny is a movie based on the life of bank manager Dan Mahowny. The bank manager appeared on the news after stealing almost $11 million from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce to fund his gambling addictions. Phillip Seymour Hoffman embodies Dan Mahowny in this movie. The protagonist steals from the bank to make a string of high-risk bets in the Atlantic City. Owning Mahowny was produced by Richard Kwietniowski in 2003. Although the movie is not specific to blackjack, watching it, you can learn several valuable life lessons about honesty and learn to place more promising bets in Blackjack online.

Cold Deck

Another Canadian gambling movie that comes highly recommended is Cold Deck. The 2015 thriller is one of the best gambling movies to have been made in Canada. It depicts the life of poker player Bobby, who loses the reigns of his gambling habits and ends up with a terrible addiction and in debt. The protagonist Bobby lives with his sick mother, Audrey, who has an aversion to gambling as Bobby’s father was an enthusiastic gambler that lost everything to his vices. In his delusion, Bobby robs his mother of her life savings to meet the high stake of a poker game. When he loses, he plans a heist to recover his loss. Cold Deck is an emotional roller-coaster that provokes viewers to question their choices. The movie samples the inner workings of the online gambling scene in Canada, painting a picture of what irresponsible gambling could cause. By watching Cold Deck, you can also learn a lot about gambling online.

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl may not be exactly centered on Blackjack, but the movie does have a lot to offer online gamblers. The movie was produced in Canada in 2001 and tells the story of a young girl who starts gambling to raise money for a trip to Amsterdam with her friends. Lucky Girl features the brilliant actors Sherry Miller and Elisha Cuthbert. Kaitlyn, the protagonist, is a high school student who makes a string of bad decisions after she begins wagering on sports to solve financial problems. Her gambling habits lead her into debt and destroys her relationship with her friends and family. John Fawcett directed Lucky Girl and you can find the movie on Netflix. If you are in the audience, expect to learn some crucial business lesson, alongside what not to do if you want to avoid addiction.

Online gambling in Canada is a vast universe. These movies are representing only a fraction of it but they have the ability to teach viewers valuable lessons about life and about blackjack. You can practice some of the hacks and tips in The Last Casino or be inspired by Cold Deck to try your hand at poker. The lesson to be learnt from these movies would serve both seasoned players and occasional gamblers. If you are new to the online casino world, this would be an effective way to observe how they work and the effects gambling may have on players. It is important to make wise decision and learn how to be gamble responsibly at online casinos.


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