Meet the Stars of ‘All American’: A Deep Dive into the Cast

Meet the Stars of ‘All American’: A Deep Dive into the Cast


All American Cast

The CW’s hit series “All American” has captured the hearts of many fans with its compelling storyline and talented cast. The series brings to life the true story of a high school football player and tackles various social issues, making it a show that’s both engaging and thought-provoking. In this post, we will take a closer look at the main cast members who have made “All American” a success. From Taye Diggs to Greta Onieogou, each actor brings a unique flavor to the show. Let’s explore their backgrounds, careers, and contributions to this captivating series.


Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is a versatile actor known for his work on both stage and screen. In “All American,” he plays the role of Billy Baker, the high school football coach who becomes a mentor to the series’ protagonist, Spencer James. Diggs’s portrayal of Billy Baker is nuanced, bringing depth and complexity to the character. His performance has earned him critical acclaim and connected well with the audience.

Before “All American,” Diggs was well-known for his roles in movies such as “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and “The Best Man” series, as well as his Broadway performances in “Rent” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” His diverse career showcases his range as an actor, and his involvement in “All American” continues to cement his status as a versatile and dynamic performer.

Daniel Ezra

Daniel Ezra stars as Spencer James, the central character around whom the series revolves. Ezra’s compelling performance brings emotional depth and authenticity to the role. His ability to navigate complex emotions and relatable struggles has made him a fan favorite. Spencer’s character, inspired by real-life professional football player Spencer Paysinger, deals with the challenges of balancing sports, academics, and social pressures.

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A British actor, Daniel Ezra has captured the American audience with his flawless accent and convincing portrayal of a high school athlete. Prior to landing the role in “All American,” Ezra appeared in various British TV series and stage productions. His breakout performance in “All American” showcases his promising talent and has opened doors for future opportunities in Hollywood.

Monet Mazur

Monet Mazur plays Laura Fine-Baker, the supportive and strong-willed wife of Billy Baker and mother to their two children. Mazur’s character grapples with maintaining a balance between her career as a lawyer and her family commitments. Her portrayal brings a grounded and authentic perspective to the struggles of a working mother in a demanding environment.

Mazur has a diverse repertoire, with roles in films like “Blow” and “Torque” and TV shows including “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Castle.” Her experience in the industry is evident in her convincing performance in “All American,” rendering Laura Fine-Baker as a character who resonates with many viewers.

Michael Evans Behling

Michael Evans Behling portrays Jordan Baker, the son of Billy and Laura Baker, and the quarterback of the Beverly Hills High football team. Behling captures the complexities of Jordan’s character, who struggles with his own identity and the high expectations placed upon him. His performance highlights the pressures faced by young athletes and the emotional ups and downs that come with the territory.

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Before joining “All American,” Behling made appearances in shows like “Empire” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” His role in “All American” has significantly raised his profile, showcasing his ability to handle a multi-faceted character with sensitivity and depth. Behling is undoubtedly one to watch as his career continues to evolve.

Karimah Westbrook

Karimah Westbrook plays the role of Grace James, Spencer’s mother, who is a determined and caring single parent. Westbrook’s performance brings heart and gravitas to the series, embodying the struggles and triumphs of a mother striving to provide the best for her son. Her portrayal is both inspiring and relatable, making Grace James a beloved character on the show.

Westbrook has amassed a variety of roles in films such as “The Rum Diary” and “Suburbicon” and TV series including “Shameless” and “Mad Men.” Her extensive experience in both film and television enriches her performance in “All American,” proving her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Jaclyn Hall

Although Jaclyn Hall does not play a central character in “All American,” her contributions to the show are still noteworthy. Hall has demonstrated remarkable flexibility in her various roles, adding depth and intrigue to the series. Her performances, although brief, have had a lasting impact on the development of the storyline.

Hall is building her career with appearances in different TV shows and indie films. Her participation in “All American” showcases her growing talent and hints at a promising future in the acting world. As she continues to take on more projects, her repertoire will undoubtedly expand, bringing more exciting roles to her portfolio.

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Greta Onieogou

Greta Onieogou plays Layla Keating, the high-achieving student and love interest of Spencer James. Onieogou’s character grapples with internal struggles and emotional conflicts, providing a rich and compelling narrative to “All American.” Her performance captures the nuances of Layla’s complexities, from her aspirations to her vulnerabilities.

Onieogou has previously been recognized for her role in “Heartland,” where she gained a dedicated fanbase. Her portrayal in “All American” further establishes her as a talented and versatile actress. With each episode, Onieogou brings new layers to Layla Keating, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her character’s journey.

Next Steps

As the series continues to evolve, the cast of “All American” remains a pivotal element of its success. Each actor brings unique strengths and backgrounds, enhancing the show’s ability to address diverse topics while providing powerful storytelling. Get to know each member better through their filmographies and witness how they continue to shine in their respective roles.

Actor Character Notable Roles
Taye Diggs Billy Baker “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “The Best Man” series, “Rent”
Daniel Ezra Spencer James Various British TV series and stage productions
Monet Mazur Laura Fine-Baker “Blow,” “Torque,” “NCIS: Los Angeles”
Michael Evans Behling Jordan Baker “Empire,” “Grey’s Anatomy”
Karimah Westbrook Grace James “The Rum Diary,” “Suburbicon,” “Shameless”
Jaclyn Hall Various roles Various TV shows and indie films
Greta Onieogou Layla Keating “Heartland”



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