Mad Ship

Roller Town

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David Mortin

Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Gil Bellows, Line Verndal and Rachel Blanchard

Awards and Festival Screenings

2012 Whistler Film Fesival – Official Selection Borsos Competition


Tomas Strommen is a Norwegian immigrant to the Canadian prairies in the
1920s. He is a man of great passion and integrity, who dreams of creating a
family wheat dynasty in this new land of opportunity. He is also a man deeply
in love with his beautiful wife, Solveig, and together they have a profound

bond that sustains them. But prairie drought and the Great Depression
conspire against them, and the family is brought to ruin after their crops are

destroyed by a massive dust storm. When Solveig dies suddenly under tragic
circumstances, Tomas goes mad with grief. He grows obsessed with the idea of
returning her body to their homeland.

He embarks on a Quixotic mission to build a sailboat and sail out of the prairie
dust bowl along a network of rivers leading to Hudson Bay and the ocean
beyond. He constructs the boat in the barn, cannibalizing the farmhouse he
had built with his own hands.